What to Bring to Preschool

Your child will need the following items every day at preschool: 

  • A school bag that can fit all of your child's belongings and zip closed.

  • A drink bottle with fresh water. 

  • Morning tea and lunch in a lunchbox, to be placed in the fridge.

  • A wide brimmed hat in term one and four, a beanie or hat in term two and three. You are welcome to leave your child's hat at preschool. 

  • Spare clothes, extra if your child is toilet training.

  • Nappies or pull ups if your child requires these.

  • A small pillow and sheet if your child would like a rest / sleep on a bed


          Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


At Pinnacle Preschool we encourage children to manage their belongings as independently as possible. When you are providing containers, drink bottles and bags, please think about what your child can manage. Of course we are here to help them when needed. 

Also, with a large group of children, it is hard for our staff to monitor and keep toys and precious items from home safe. Please encourage your child to leave these at home. If there is a special toy your child needs to help them feel safe or to have at rest times, please let our staff know and ensure your child's name is on it.