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Immunisation History

The Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011) require Pinnacle Preschool to keep a record of your child's immunisation status. This is to ensure that we know which children are fully vaccinated, or alternatively if your child has a medical reason for not being immunised, that you as a parent have a conscientious objection to vaccination or that your child is on a recognised catch up schedule. 

Please see the Enrolment tab for further information on what authorised forms are required to prove immunisation status. 

Pinnacle Preschool has a responsibility to ensure the physical care and safety or all children who attend our service. Young children who are in close contact with others are often more susceptible to spreading or picking up infectious diseases from each other. To ensure the care and safety of both immunised and non-immunised children, mandatory exclusion periods will apply in the outbreak of a high risk infectious disease such as:


        - Pertussis / Whooping Cough

        - Poliomyelitis

         - Measles 

         - Mumps

         - Rubella

         - Meningococcal C

Pinnacle Preschool will be guided by the Recommended Minimum Exclusion Periods from the Staying Healthy guidelines. This document can be downloaded here

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