Pinnacle Preschool Fees Schedule 2022

Non-refundable enrolment fee + Pinnacle Preschool sun hat - $50.00, payable on enrolment. 


Attendance at Pinnacle Preschool per day is $30.00. This fee covers attendance from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Pinnacle Preschool may offer subsidised fees to families who have a Centrelink Family Health Care card. These positions are capped and are offered upon application to Pinnacle Preschool for a subsidised place. Further information on subsidised fees can be sought from Pinnacle Preschool administration or by calling 6361 4093. 

We offer flexible payment options by EFTPOS, by direct payment into our bank account or through our online system. Further information regarding fees will be provided upon enrolment. Families who elect to pay their fees by school term will be required to pay by week 3 of term. For families who elect to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly are required to keep their fees 2 weeks in advance at all times. 

Pinnacle Preschool is committed to reviewing the fee structure regularly and ensure that fees are as affordable as possible for families. If you have any concerns relating to the payment of fees, please contact Pinnacle Preschool management or administration team on 6361 4093. 

For further information, please see our Pinnacle Preschool Fee Collection Policy here.