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Sleep, Rest and Relaxation

Pinnacle Preschool acknowledges that the sleep, rest and relaxation needs for individual children vary and with a busy day at preschool, young children can become very tired. We work in partnership with families to ensure that your child has the opportunity to rest, relax or sleep when needed at preschool.

Please click here if you would like to read further information on our Sleep, Rest and Relaxation Policy.

Please talk to us at any time about:

  • Have there been any changes relating to your child’s sleep, rest or relaxation needs? 

  • Does your child sleep at home and are they likely to need to sleep at preschool? If so, you may provide a small pillow and set of cot sized sheets if your child wishes to sleep or rest on a bed. 

  • Would your child rather have an opportunity to just rest or engage in quiet play activities at this time? 

  • Does your child have any issues with their sleep that we might need to know?

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