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Our Philosophy

Pinnacle Preschool aims to have strong community connections with a focus on building meaningful and respectful partnerships with families to create a learning environment for children that is inclusive, dynamic and evolving. Pinnacle Preschool strongly values the role of families in the lives of young children as they are their child’s first teachers and build the foundation of feelings of belonging, of culture and identity. We see ourselves as partners with families, working together using our skills as professionals to help children and families achieve their individual goals, hopes and dreams in their early years.

Pinnacle Preschool is a place where young children are championed. For each individual child to be nurtured to learn to their full potential, preschool must be a place of true inclusion. Each child brings with them an individual and diverse set of skills, differing interests, abilities and thoughts.  These foundations are at the forefront to allow us to develop curriculum and an educational program that sets high expectations for children’s learning.  This enhances all areas of their development, not only preparing them for the future, but celebrating each child in the here and now as a competent and involved learner. True inclusion occurs when all individual children are able to access and participate in a preschool environment where their own interests are reflected, their family’s culture and beliefs are reflected and where each child feels included and their unique abilities are called upon. 

Pinnacle Preschool’s educational program is developed with the Early Years Learning Framework underpinning an individualised program that is tailored for children’s individual learning needs through play. Play is often seen as children’s ‘spare time’ and can be undervalued in the important role it plays. Play is children’s work. It is an opportunity for children to test new ideas, to experiment, to problem solve, to socialise with others and to challenge the limits of what they know. Play can address learning across all areas of development and curriculum – if you think it, you can achieve it - through hands on learning and play with encouragement and access to resources.

Educators at Pinnacle Preschool have a crucial role in providing play opportunities that are individualised, have defined learning outcomes and the provision of a range of play activities that allow children at varying levels of development to learn. Play experiences are at times not enough to engage children in learning that challenges and extends them and therefore they need the guidance of educators. But unstructured and uninterrupted periods of play are also important for children to realise their own potential.

Our Educators play a crucial role through pedagogical practices such as intentional teaching, where through engagement and meaningful interactions they can challenge and extend children’s thinking, problem solving and learning. Educators play a crucial role in providing the required structure to learning experiences that may need to vary for individual children. Whilst some children can independently explore and learn from an activity, others may need a greater level of guidance, demonstration and engagement.  

A high quality play based program led by experienced and capable educators will provide opportunities for children to develop the skills they need for the future. Literacy, numeracy, science, maths, ethics, communication, social development, social justice, physical health and wellbeing are all explored through Pinnacle Preschool’s educational program. This program helps to prepare children for the transitions that are ahead, whilst celebrating what an important stage of life they are currently at. Our educators are offered opportunities to enhance their own beliefs, practices and skills through reflective practice and encouragement to engage in further learning.

Pinnacle Preschool strives to help children to learn about our fragile environment and sustainable living practices by providing opportunities to engage with nature. Pinnacle Preschool acknowledges the importance of the local environment and it’s preservation to the Wiradjuri people, who were the original custodians of the land on which our preschool lies, and we wish to offer our respect to the elders of the land in the past, present and future.

The early childhood years are a crucial time to help young children develop their identity, to establish a life-long love of learning and to both celebrate the important stage of development they are at, as well as celebrating and preparing for the road ahead.

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