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Nutrition Policy and Healthy Eating

Pinnacle Preschool recognises we have an important role in teaching young children and families the importance of healthy eating and nutrition. We incorporate the Munch and Move program to teach children the importance of being active and eating a balanced diet.


These PDF documents from the Munch and Move Program have some great tips. Healthy Lunchboxes and Choose Water as a Drink. We also have a Healthy Eating Policy you can read by clicking here.


We ask families to support Pinnacle Preschool by:

  • Packing your child a healthy lunch, including a fruit or vegetable

  • Providing your child with only water to drink in a drink bottle

  • Notifying staff if your child has any allergies or special dietary requirements.

  • Assisting staff to complete a risk assessment to minimise your child’s exposure to any allergies during preschool enrolment.

Pinnacle Preschool recognises that there may be special circumstances for children in regards to eating and nutrition. If your child requires additional allowances relating to food or drink, please speak to your child’s teacher.  This could include your child being a fussy eater, a disability or medical condition that limits your child’s range of foods or family circumstances that impact the provision of nutritious food. If at any time you are unable to provide your child with enough food for preschool, please speak to your child’s teacher. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of families.

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